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A Wikia page dedicated to the super duper famous TEEN couple Jamvhille Sebastian & Paolinne Michelle Liggayu

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They are widely regarded as the TEEN couple of the century for there are some rumors that they don't grow old and like in the movie "Twilight" they can be regarded as immortal and possess the power of the god itself.

So what is the fuss all about?

JAMICH is a combination of two names. the tandem of Jamvhille and Paolinne Michelle (real life couple)They are so popular in youtube, they are both filipinos. i've seen some of their short films that they created and it became viral..oftentimes it get massive amount of views every time they uploaded a new video/film.

Last month they were invited in Vice Ganda's "Gandang Gabi Vice", thus they also got some new fans when they appeared on the said program.One of their short films: BY CHANCE which were directly copied from "The strangers" created by Wong fu production, whom they intentionaly discredited by declaring they own the concept. What? really? SOURCE ->
BY CHANCE a film by JAMICH(14:58)
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which got a 3,127,867 views on youtube (as of writing this post)

We created this page not just for the love but out of dismay. Please watch the movie entitled By chance to lie.
BY CHANCE TO LIE a film by JaBITCH(04:03)
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